Through cinematic video and photography, we tell the stories of solopreneurs, small businesses, corporate brands, and nonprofits, to supercharge their self-promotion, sales, marketing, training and fundraising campaigns.

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When I started my career as a designer in advertising the biggest limitation I found to doing great work
was the access to quality photography.

20 years ago my friends who worked on agencies with clients that had budget for custom and original photoshoots would always get the awards and they would create the most interesting and unique work. Although, we learned to make due with stock photography, custom illustrations and graphic design. Over time and for the rest of my career I always remembered what one friend said to me, to do great work you must have great photography. It’s just as simple as that. And that set my journey to pursue and perfect my skills in photography. From envisioning creative concepts to learning to see and appreciate great composition and lighting we’ve been on journey for almost 20 years. 

Photography is very much like directing an orchestra. Each shoot requires the careful balancing of time and management of variables like light, space, talent, location, wardrobe, hair, makeup, time constraints. To say the least it takes more than just a camera and a photographer. It takes preparation, experience, good gear and creativity. Year over year like a professional sports team we strategize how to make each shoot better, how to be more effective, how to think and see differently, how to innovate with light. And we use the tools and equipment to push us to do faster, more precise and more beautiful work.

Today we are breaking the quality barriers by helping individuals, corporations and organizations have access to high-end photography, cinematography and video. And through our services we hope we will inspire a whole new generation of people to tell their stories.

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As a photographer every image we capture leaves a record of how we saw the world at that moment, that instant in time. Every photograph, a documented conversation we had with the subject. That is the world through the looking glass.

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From location scouting, model casting, hair and makeup, and optional video production our brand photoshoots will support your local and national campaign visual requirements.


From headshots, to personal brand to editorial photography our studio team will shine new light on your next set of professional images.

Photo Essays

Want to capture your story, from your hobbies to your professional craft, to family or community bonds we can capture the moments that will speak louder than words.

Photo Libraries

Feed your social media monster, e-commerce, blog and marketing needs with custom photo libraries. We offer project basis and on-going monthly engagement packages.

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